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Sawgrass Recreation Park Tickets and Prices


Sawgrass Recreation Park, near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, was once a fishing camp and over the last 30 years it has evolved into a fleet of airboats showcasing the Everglades.

Since 2005 the park has expanded the exhibit areas to allow for the adoption and rescue of more reptiles and mammals.  New habitats are underway in the exhibit areas to accommodate the growing numbers of rescued reptiles.

The family's philosophy is not only to make each visitor's experience a meaningful one, but also to educate the public on how fragile and important it is to preserve and protect our beautiful Everglades.

We have found 4 ticket options for you!

Visit Ft. Lauderdale’s greatest airboat attraction, Sawgrass Recreation Park. Embark on a thrilling airboat tour through the Florida Everglades. Our exhibits feature timed shows where you can hold an alligator and visit magnificent mammals such as the Florida Panther or the Black Leopard.

Open 7 days a week! Just 25 minutes from the heart of Ft. Lauderdale!

Are the Sawgrass Recreation Park boats handicapped accessible?

There is limited accessibility for guests who are handicapped. If you are able to comfortably step down into the boats or have a family member help you into the boat, you will be able to enjoy the boat ride.

What’s the advantage of a private adventure?

Being on a smaller boat earns you the opportunity to get deeper into the Everglades, instead of larger boars, where the larger general admission tour may not be able to venture. With a Private Adventure, you can even spend up to two hours exploring The Everglades with your captain.

How many people are on each boat?

Approximately 15-25 guests board each boat ride. However in the fleet of 20+ airboats there are boats that can seat from 3-35 passengers.

What’s the youngest age that can go on a boat?

Any age child can enjoy an airboat ride. We advise parents that the boats are very noisy and Sawgrass provides ear protection for everyone riding. Some children are more sensitive to loud noise than others. Earplugs are available on site and are recommended.

What will we see on the boat ride?

During your guided tour of The Everglades, the experienced airboat captains are going to try their best to find wildlife such as alligators, birds, fish, and turtles to show you. You will also hear stories about the Everglades ecosystem and even some history of The Everglades.